Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Garden of Prince Hamza

So, I recognize that I haven't written in my blog recently. That is mainly because there hasn't been anything really exiciting that has happened lately. We've been visiting different societies in the area to understand what sort of development efforts are going on and to establish contacts for future BYU interns, but nothing has really been blog-worthy. A few days, I was pretty desperate. I almost wrote a blogpost about how I won 34 straight games of Freecell (the run was broken last night). But luckily, something awesome happened.

We made contact with a society out in a tiny village called Rowda Emir Hamza (literally, the Garden of Prince Hamza), and went out to visit. The society is relatively new and is run by a really sharp 24-year old Master's student. We spent most of the day with her, her parents, and her nine siblings. The fact that we met her mother and her sisters that our are age is amazing- foreign men NEVER meet the women in the family. They are probably the most progressive family I've met in the Badia. Well, here are some pictures from the visit.

This is "Mister Mahmoud," the father of the society's director and proud owner of a German made, 1969 cargo truck, bought in Iraq thirty years ago.

Me looking west (towards Irbid/Mafraq) on top of a dormant volcano in the area.

Facing south towards the huge Eastern Desert that makes up most of Jordan.

The emergency brake of Mahmoud's truck, which pulls straight out like a cane. There is no key- he presses the black button on the right to start/kill the engine.

Me milking a goat. It's hard. I wasn't able to get too much out of it.

Me and three of Mahmoud's ten kids at his house in Rowda Emir Hamza.


  1. Haha- Of course the Coke shirt had to make an appearance in these pics.

  2. the first picture is money.......a slice of fried gold.