Saturday, April 17, 2010

Like a blogger, blogging for the very first time

Hey everybody!

It's Arabic James here, coming at you live from the Harold B. Lee Library. I'm sorry that's so disappointing and lame, but I actually won't be going to Jordan until May 9th. But I was tired of studying for finals, and Stacy was showing me her blog, and I was inspired to make a blog. Amy got mad at me for talking really loud while trying to come up with a name, so when I asked her what I should name my blog, all she said was "You are so loud!" And the name stuck. Haha, I love you two! (By that I mean Amy and Stacy--Amy got confused and thought that I meant 'too' but spelled it wrong). Well, I need to finish studying for marriage and family prep final. I only have five hours left before midnight tonight, which is when I need to find a bride or be turned into a pumpkin. Just kidding. But I need to get to work. Later!