Thursday, August 5, 2010

The End

Well, I feel that I ought to close out (this section of) my blog with some sort of grandiose, thought-provoking summary of my experience. I think I'll start off with a list of things that I missed from America (in no particular order):

  1. My Pandora stations
  2. Running
  3. Milk and cookies
  4. Normal interactions with females
  5. Toilet seats
  6. Things that are green
  7. My family and friends
However, that being said, let me now list the things that I will miss about Jordan:
  1. The falafel sandwiches from the falafel shop in Salhiyya
  2. Not having to shower for several days on end
  3. Mansef, Maglouba, and Kibsa (Arabic dishes)
  4. The kids that I taught English to/the Egyptian bread workers
  5. Muzzeins (the guys who do the Islamic call to prayer- it's really beautiful)
  6. Working out on top of the roof at midnight and seeing the stars (I'm romantic, aren't I?)
  7. Going to Church at the al-Husn branch
  8. Being mistaken for John Cena
Ok, just because there are eight things in the Jordan list does not mean that I miss Jordan more than I enjoy being in America- in my opinion, the seven American things are qualitatively better than the Jordan eight. I did, however, love my time in Jordan. Despite the frustrations of trying to do an internship where there was no work to be done, I loved the culture, the people, and the food. I really think Americans could learn something from throwing time out the window from time to time and start building relationships Arab style. Hopefully I'll be able to go back sooner or later.

Maybe I'll update my blog in the future. I don't know yet. I created it for the Jordan internship, and that's over. But thanks for following me this summer.