Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ceasar, Those Who Are About to Die, Salute Thee!

This past weekend, we saw a lot of Roman ruins, an old Crusader castle, had a meeting with a really interesting lady involved in development out here, bought 4 DVDs for the equivalent of $8, and had a race in the Hippodrome (see below). The Fourth of July was spent in a celebration of American cuisine at Fuddruckers followed by a showing of Arrested Development, which Cyrus bought- all three seasons- for about $25. As far as actual work goes, things have once again been slow. We are looking at different societies for future BYU interns and looking to get involved in different projects (such as a trash clean-up), but a lot of it is still in the planning stages. On Sunday, we met with Rana, a lady who studied in the US and who gave us a lot of contact information for projects we could get involved with. We've also been talking with a lady about helping with an exchange program for youth from the Badia to visit Amman and vice versa. It's too bad we'll be leaving in a few weeks.

This is picture of somewhere in Northern Jordan, which is absolutely beautiful and relatively unpopulated countryside. On Friday after Church, we had a barbecue out here and I climbed one of the hills.

At Umm Quais, or Gedara (look it up in your Bible). Robert and I found an old mausoleum that we tried to break in to, but the only entry- a skylight- had about a 15 foot drop. Next time we'll bring a rope.

Also Umm Quais, along the main rode. On the left is the remnants of a 19th-c. Ottoman village.

Part of Ajlun castle, which was built in the 12th-c. by Saladin to counter the Crusaders.

Jerash, which is supposedly the largest Roman ruin site in the world. It was pretty awesome. This is the main road (sorry Annie, but the overall picture was sweet).

Another Jerash picture, me looking goofy. Notice (or try to notice) the week-long attempt at a goatee. It didn't work. My mustache still looks like a mexistache that a junior high school punk would grow.

So, maybe you wondering where the title comes from. Well, this is Robert and I, looking innocent and happy and unaware of the terrible decision we are about to make. We missed the chariot races (they stage them) at Jerash, so Robert and I decided to run our own- barefoot on the hot sand. We ended up with second-degree burns on our feet and open blisters. Ceasar, those who are about to die, Salute Thee!

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  1. How could we have known that such a freak accident could happen in an innocent Roman Hippodrome footrace?