Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Dead Sea is very dead... and hot

Well, I've decided that the Dead Sea is aptly named. It is very dead. In the words of Charles Dickens, it is as dead as a doornail. It is so dead I don't know if it was ever alive. And it is very hot. I thought it was hot in the Badia, but I hadn't experienced anything like the heat that comes from being next to a dead lake at a few hundred feet below sea level.

So, this last weekend, we went to Mount Nebo, Christ's supposed baptismal site (see below), and the Dead Sea. It was a lot fun, especially because there was a group of Christian Jordanians that work with one of my fellow interns that came along. They were cool and invited us over to watch the Denmark-Cameroon game later on that night. Mount Nebo (where Moses stood and looked over the promised land) and the baptism site were decent, but felt kinda contrived and touristy. Mount Nebo had an awesome view of the Holy Land- if it was a clearer day, I think we could have seen Jerusalem. The highlight of the day was the Dead Sea, which being in is one of the most bizarre experiences in the world. The lake has a salinity level of 33%, which means that getting it in your eyes and being 200m away from the shore is no fun. But because of the high salt levels, the only way to drown is to lie flat on your face and not struggle. Otherwise, you float. I made my self perfectly vertical with the ground and just floated there and resisted the urge to rub my eyes. Oh, and the mud is apparently very good for your skin (see below).

Well, I think I'll keep it short tonight, just say that I had a great time this weekend, that American should have beat Slovenia, that Muse has some awesome, awesome piano parts, that Amman is wonderful, that life is wonderful, and that I love you all. Peace.

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