Monday, May 31, 2010

Blahg, Blahg, Blahg (do you get it?)

So, I realize that it has been a long time since I've blogged and that I may have let some of you down in not blogging. But rest assured, you have not been forgotten. It's just that I don't really have internet very regularly where I am (hopefully this will change very soon). Let me tell you why. In order to have the internet in the Badia, you need a phone, which you hook into your computer and which connects you to the internet. My phone happened to be a used phone that we got from Mafraq, the closest big city to us. Unfortunately, the phone is messed up and sucks away all the energy from the charger, meaning that it goes through batteries like none other. We tried twice to get it fixed, and then we took it to Riyad, the guy who bought it to us, and we are waiting to hear back from him. I don't know when I will get a phone.
Well, as if that wasn't super depressing! Oh, I have one more piece of depressing news before I get to the good news, which explains why I won't have any pictures for this blog- I left my camera battery charger plugged in to the wall of our hostel in Amman. Don't worry, I got it back, but I don't have any pictures of our weekend vacation in Petra, Wadi Rum, and Aqaba. Ok, so on to the good news. I'm engaged! Ha, just kidding. But it's almost as exciting- we saw some really awesome sights in Jordan this past week. We saw Petra, which is a city carved out of rock in the middle of the desert that the Nabateans and then the Romans inhabited. It was awesome. I will post pictures later. Cyrus and I decided at 1:30 to hike out to this monastery carved into the side of the rock. This wouldn't normally have been a problem, except for the fact that our tour bus was leaving for Wadi Rum at 2PM and the monastery was a good half-hour hike out. We figured that since punctuality isn't a big deal in Jordan, it wouldn't be for the tour bus. False. For tour buses, Jordanians are very punctual. We get a call around 2:15 as we are still a half hour away from the bus saying we need to be there asap. We walk fast and then we run. Then a half mile from the bus, we get a call saying the bus is leaving. We think we are screwed. So, we agree to pay some guys 70 dinar to take us by horse to the bus station and then to Wadi Rum, a couple hours away. They lead our horses out at a trot, which was really the first time that I had ridden a horse. I have a new found respect for the toughness of the butts of those who ride horses. So, we get to the parking lot, and then get another call, saying that the bus had left- and driven a half km away to a restaurant so everyone could eat. So everything worked out perfectly in the end.
Saturday and Sunday were spent in Aqaba, the only Jordanian city on the Red Sea and site of one of Lawrence of Arabia's battles (some movie trivia: the scene of Aqaba in the movie Lawrence of Arabia was actually filmed in Spain because the director didn't like how the actual city looked). There is some beautiful coral reefs out in the area and we decided to go snorkeling. I have never been before and I don't swim well. In fact, I don't really like being in the water at all. But I wanted to go snorkeling, so I sucked it up and decided to go. I put on my fins and goggles and jump in the water, only to have one of my fins slip off and my goggles to get water in them, so I can't see and can't swim very well and the water is pretty choppy. At this point, I think I am going to die and start slipping under the water when I hear a voice (just kidding; this is just for dramatic effect). But anyways, I get my fin back, get back on the boat, and they put a life jacket on me and send me off again. Once I figured out how to use the snorkel apparatus, it was actually really cool. The coral was amazing. It was like watching a movie, but it was real life and blew my mind. Jordan rocks.


  1. Holy crap dude. You are like India Jones. I wish I could say I rode a horse to catch a bus and then went snorkeling, but no I only ride the metro and look at crazy colorful onion domes and tent roofs. It's like I'm playing tetris, but not. Anyway... sounds awesome. Keep it up.

  2. Haha, Moscow is an awesome place I'm sure. It wasn't quite as glamorous as it sounds. Being here just whets my appetite to go everywhere in the world. By the way, nice job on your blog. I enjoy reading it.

  3. I wish the part about you being engaged didn't have a "just kidding" after it. You really let me down, Jamesy. I was hoping you would come back with a Jordanian bride.

  4. James, I actually gasped out loud when you wrote the part about being engaged. And then I felt extremely stupid.